A wild love for the world

Wild geranium (Geranium erianthum) Wynn Nature Center, Homer, Alaska by Betsey Crawford

In this moment, is it still possible to face the gathering darkness, and say to the physical Earth, and to all its creatures, including ourselves, fiercely and without embarrassment, I love you, and to embrace fearlessly the burning world?  ~ Barry Lopez ~ My youngest nephew is standing at the gates of adulthood appalled by …

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Beauty: the great interrupter

Mountain tops in clouds on the road between Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta, Canada by Betsey Crawford

All people everywhere possess an innate hunger for, and right to, what is sustaining, good, and beautiful. ~ Bill Strickland ~ Thirty years ago this summer I was hiking through a forest in upstate New York with my 5-year-old son. He had skipped ahead around a curve and came running back, wide-eyed. He took my …

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The enchanted boy

Inside, that’s where I store these moments, accumulated in a cabinet of noticings and happenings, brought out when I need them most, to illuminate. I must go into the world to find new things. They are always there. Always. ~ Dara McAnulty ~ In the face of devastating news from every direction, I have been reading …

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Tending the wild

Leopard lily (Lilium pardolinum) Sierra Nevada, California by Betsey Crawford

One clear blue and gold fall day near the beginning of seventh grade, I stood on the shore of the Hudson River with a group of classmates, contemplating the oyster shell fragments at my feet. That was the year we learned about our town, Croton-on-Hudson in southern New York. The instructor for the day told …

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