2 thoughts on “Waterton Lakes wildflowers”

  1. Hi Betsey! You came into the Glacier Ranger Station in Girdwood, Alaska — wonderful talk with you! Thank you for sharing your website – the pictures of Waterton Lakes flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Brings back good memories of my 29 years on the Lolo National Forest, Seeley Lake, Montana. I miss the beargrass the most I think! (and Glacier NP, Montana, Montana, Montana……)

    1. Thanks, Kay! Yes, it was a great talk. One of the best things about traveling like this is conversations like ours. I can see how much you love Montana in your comment, but I knew that from your voice when you talked about it. I had my first glimpse of a whole field of wildflowers when I went to Glacier, in 2008. I don’t think I was actually in the park yet, but on my way to the gate. So gorgeous! I’ll have to check out the Lolo Forest. I haven’t spent time in Montana in my RVing life, so that has to change.

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