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  1. These photos are heard rendingly beautiful and I love the lingerie connection. It’s so masculine/feminine so yin/yang. Some of us painters went up to the Russian River Rose Garden in Healdsburg. They had a plaque with an Abraham Lincoln quote on it. Something like: we can lament that rose bushes have thorns or be grateful that thorn bushes have roses. Seems to apply here! Also makes me remember the movie Wings Of Life. Did you see it? Meryl Streep narrates from the perspective of the flower. There were sequences of cactus flowers at night and the bats coming to drink their nectar. Incredible. Thank you for bringing me to the desert and for curating the best of it. Sending my love.

    1. I can’t wait to see the pix from the rose garden. And I’ll have to find that movie! Not that I ever have the internet for it, but I’ll look for the DVD. Thanks and love.

  2. This is so incredibly beautiful-the photos and dialogue! It brings me the sense of perfect balance in the universe-a reminder that when I give up all control perfection is what is left.

  3. Perhaps “dessert” would be more appropriate? (Although not quite sympatico with the “lingerie” motif??) A deliciousness in itself, and, like the final event of the meal, the ephemeral and final reward to the otherwise long, state-of-life of the desert — unending spines, subtle and subdued hues, and then the unsuspecting burst, captured perfectly by these unbelievable images, with depth and mystery.

  4. OMG, OMG… This is SO beautiful! Beauty everywhere; it’s ALL beautiful, and that’s what the Universe gives us, apparently everywhere. “Desert” is SUCH a wrong word. We only call it that because we haven’t looked, have yet to see… You’re helping!

    Blessed messenger you are… (I sound like Yoda!)


    1. Thank you for this — and I love Yoda! Paradoxically, one of the great beauties of the desert is its relative emptiness. It’s both a visual and a psychic beauty, where so much falls away so all senses can sharpen, particularly the inner ones. And there’s quite a variety. In my travels I’ve seen a lot of difference in deserts — the Sonoran desert around Tucson is positively lush.

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