9 thoughts on “A land of stone tablets”

  1. You’re such an amazing writer. And photographer. And philosopher. And ecologist. And sister. And human being. And….


  2. I’m a new and quickly devoted reader to your blog, Betsy, and enjoying it so much. Your writing that brings tears to my eyes (tears of joy for the power of the written word), and arouses thoughts and a sense of curiosity that is inspirational. I passed this entry on to all my kids – because we love to talk about God, life, purpose, consciousness… and the evolution of consciousness carried through the millennia.

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment, Sue. So glad you’re here! You must have wonderful family conversations if that’s what you all like to talk about!

  3. God, Betsey you are smart and funny and hold such a powerful perspective. From ironical biblical history to technical natural history terms to devining the rules of life from the desert. Astonishing! Human hubris carries with it an enormous cost to all of creation. I can’t help but think that it’ll all come out somehow. I don’t know where I got this, but I loved hearing that Mother Nature always bats last. But, then I think: what about the evolution of consciousness as it lives in humans like you? The rocks,the flower, even Splash cannot contemplate existence as you can. I have to wonder if there isn’t some big, huge point to human consciousness. Let’s talk about it sometime, ok? Love and miss you.

    1. I love the notion that our consciousness has evolved so that the universe can reflect on itself. And I love our consciousness — that’s how we paint and write and take photographs and love each others’ work. It will be a great conversation. Love you and miss you, too.

  4. 250 years for biological crust to recover from a single foot step puts precious into perspective.

    Thank you for taking me deep in this moment.


    1. That 250 years is pretty daunting, particularly when you see how often it’s walked on. This time in Utah, though, there are signs everywhere about it, so that’s great progress.

  5. Carol Nicklaus

    Oh, my dear, something so profound has called you to her heart and soul… And there you are about to be! (With, of course, Splash the Wonder Dog, one of my most favorite sleep-mates…) And Captain George, who’s always brought his great spirit to our lives, time and time again.

    Your images of Waterton Lakes are going to allow us to see them as they have as they never have been seen before… I can’t WAIT to see them. (But, of course, I can, and will; they will arrive when they are meant to arrive…)

    May Goddess Kaliento continue to bless and support you on your beautiful journey. I’ll get there soon as I can figure it out!


    1. Thanks, my dear. I love your first line! And Waterton will be interesting. I take the best pics when I’m very quiet and alone, not with a lot of hubbub, so I’ll have to be careful to balance the two.

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